Valves: The Vital Last Link

Valves: The Vital Last Link

In Elevator World’s April 2021 publication, an interview was conducted with Anja Blain, the CEO of Blain Hydraulics. Anja spoke with Kaija Wilkinson about the company’s philosophy, strategy and future. One of the notable comments from Blain’s CEO was regarding hydraulics and it’s importance in any industry.

Kaija’s question for Anja was the following:

KW: How do you see Blain in the context of the rapidly evolving vertical-transportation (VT) industry?

AB: Hydraulics are an integral part of any industry, and that’s very much true in the VT sector. There is no doubt that, in the past one-and-a-half decades, gearless machine-room-less (MRL) installations have grown exponentially vis-à-vis hydraulics in the developed world. However, Blain has focused on developing markets to offset the numbers. Many had predicted the extinction of hydraulic lifts a few years ago, but the reality is something opposite: Blain has seen a continuous increase in sales in the last decade. True, the multinationals dominate the mid- and high-rise domain with their gearless MRL solutions, but there is no replacement for hydraulics in low-rise, freight, car-parking and buildings with low overhead applications.

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