Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Be Informed, Anytime. Anywhere.

Stay on-top of Maintenance Needs

Our innovative Residential Elevator Remote Monitoring System is the next step in the technological evolution of the home elevator industry. For a homeowner, we grant you the peace of mind in knowing the key systems within your elevator are professionally monitored. Remote Monitoring technology will instantly notify your home elevator service provider when preventative maintenance is required or in the event of an unexpected system alert.

Remote Monitoring can reduce the number of service calls needed for repairs and cut downtime by up to 99%.

Automated Diagnostics

Automatically receive updates and notifications in your inbox. Whether it is a simple maintenance milestone or a critical system alert, the remote monitoring system will automatically email you a notification detailing the specific alert code and a list of diagnostic actions and options to resolve the episode.

Real-time health status updates

Avoid unnecessary service or repair appointments

Sends preventative maintenance alerts

Elevator health issues can be solved over the phone

Experience proactive customer service

Comprehensive trouble shooting procedures