Machine Room-Less Hydraulic Power Units Now Available

Machine Room-Less Hydraulic Power Units Now Available

Cambridge Elevating’s Machine Room-less (MRL) hydraulic power unit (HPU) is available for all residential models. The aspect ratio of our standard pump has been altered to a sleeker design containing the HPU to fit nicely in the hoistway. This allows for you to maximize the space within your home. This HPU is a must need for coastal markets and areas that are susceptible to flooding. By having the power unit higher up, it allows for peace of mind when it comes to potential damage due to mother nature.

Our HPU combines the smooth and quiet ride you expect from a hydraulic drive. In-house vibration and sound testing measured our MRL power unit at 39dBa. That’s quieter than the average library conversation.

Safety is paramount, which was the top priority in the design process of this new feature. Manual Lowering is available from outside the hoistway at a designated landing behind a blank stainless plate. The plate is protected with tamper proof screws.

Although available for all three residential models, some layout sizes & configurations are not possible since the HPU, sensor head and door pockets all share valuable space along the rail wall.

 HPU Location
The power unit is mounted to the tee rail system with provided brackets and hardware. It is recommended the power unit be installed at an elevation accessible when the elevator cab is at its lowest landing.

Our MRL hydraulic power unit was designed to meet CSA-B44/ ANSI A17.1. but local codes may vary.

To learn more about Cambridge Elevating’s Machine Room-less Hydraulic Power Unit’s, click here.