Increase in Multigenerational Living Demand

Increase in Multigenerational Living Demand

Because of COVID-19, there’s a massive uptick in the multigenerational living trend. Due to the unexpected disruption because of the pandemic, many families are now deciding to ask their family members to live under one roof. Pandemic restrictions, caregiving purposes, assisting with child care are some of the reasons as to why people are deciding to make the life changing decision.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) researchers, aging parents moving in with their adult children was the top reason as to why multigeneration homes were hot on the market.

Multigenerational living is designed to provide space for multiple generations living under one roof. They’re practical and allow for more family time which makes as to why the need would be on the rise.

One of the aspects often overlooked of multi-gen living is the accessibility issue. Usually multi-gen homes have their own separate space, entrance and privacy for the occupants, but mobility issues might force them to stay within their living space. With aging in place parents, stairs will eventually become a barrier, making it harder and harder to access all throughout the home.

By incorporating a home elevator, it removes the obstacle of not being able to access all levels of the home. It allows for grandparents to age in place in the home they love with the family they love.