Elevator of the Month: February

Elevator of the Month: February

Tall & Spacious

Calgary, Alberta is where you will find February’s Elevator of the Month. It’s our Heritage model with a 90 degree layout allowing access to the elevator from multiple sides. This elevator features a taller cab with tall automatic stainless steel doors allowing for a more spacious feel when riding floor to floor. With the help of the swing door, it gives the elevator a less subtle look and blends in with the rest of the home. For the inside of the cab, the homeowner went with a Walnut finish that really ties in the the rest of the hardwood throughout the floor.


Quick Facts

Model: Heritage
Features: 2 stops with a tall cab & tall stainless steel doors. Walnut finish
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Installation Company: Cambridge Elevator
Cab Design: 90 Degree Layout