Check Out Our Dealer in Buffalo

Check Out Our Dealer in Buffalo

Wesley Elevator Install

Company Name: Wesley Elevator

Number of Employees: 4

What Products Do They Sell: Elevators, Wheelchair Lifts and Stairlifts

Years in Business: 16 Years

Headquarters: Lewiston, NY

Areas Served: All of New York State

What makes Wesley Elevator stand out: I’m a full working owner.  I’m on the job-site each and every day that my guys are on site!  This way nothing gets missed!  We stand behind our product and installation 110 percent.

What attracted you to Cambridge Elevating: I have been in the elevator industry for 26 years.  I have seen many different manufacturers over the years.  I was introduced to Cambridge Elevating in 2002.  I knew right away that Cambridge was a FIRST CLASS operation……. from the office /sales team to the technical support system Cambridge Elevating is on the ball and has it together.

Fun Company Fact: My dog, Dakota, jumps in my truck and goes with me on many service calls!  My customers love him!

President, Bob Tink


Website: www.wesleyelevator.com