Check Out Our Dealer in St.Louis

Check Out Our Dealer in St.Louis

Company Name: First Class Elevator

Number of Employees: 4

What Products Do They Sell: Residential Elevators

Years in Business: 12 Years

Headquarters: Ellisville, MO

Areas Served: Missouri and Southern Illinois

What makes First Class Elevator stand out: We are founded by a Journeyman Carpenter who spent many years building custom homes. This allows us to help walk builders step by step through the process of incorporating an elevator into their project.

What attracted you to Cambridge Elevating: We met the Cambridge team at the NAEC expo a few years ago and we were impressed with both the team and the quality of the product they offer.

Fun Company Fact: We keep guitars in our office and have been known to have impromptu jam sessions to keep things fun!


Website: www.firstclasselevating.com