Cambridge Elevating specializes in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of residential & commercial elevators and lifting devices. Located in Cambridge Ontario, CEI has been helping home-building trend setters and the mobility challenged since 1988. Our team is more prepared than ever to assist you in putting your dreams into action by building your vertical design statement.

Responsible for thousands of custom elevator designs and installations in Canada and the United States, Cambridge Elevating has a team of professionals that are eager to turn your creativity into a custom elevator that delivers your vision. Considered a short-run job shop rather than a mass-production facility, we are able to offer custom solutions for off-the-shelf pricing. Cambridge Elevating thrives on exceeding our customer’s and dealer’s expectations with any unique request.

Whether you’re looking to access all levels of your home with ease, or just want to add the appeal of a home elevator, Cambridge Elevating has several residential elevator models and lifts to suit your needs. If it’s your business that needs to be made more accessible, or you’re planning for a commercial elevator in your next commercial project, Cambridge Elevating has the superior equipment and skilled installers to help.

Experience the premier manufacturer of custom elevators.

Partners & Accreditation

Cambridge Elevating is a proud member of the following associations.

CECA’s Private Residence Division is committed improving the home elevator industry by extending the level of regulation and safety standards that shape the commercial elevator industry into the residential elevator field.


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CECA is a non-profit organization serving the interests of independent elevator contractors and vertical lift suppliers in Canada since 1972 by building key relationships with the various levels of government, international associations and governing agencies.


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National Association of Elevator Contractors serves the interests of the elevator, escalator and accessibility equipment industry by promoting safe and reliable vertical transportation through education and networking.


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